18 March 2015, Comments Comments Off on Spell Caster Testimonial Five

It’s true Dr Adam does not charge for his healing, he only does it for God’s sake.

Dear readers, my name is Khadijja, I am a moslem from Overport, I couldn’t believe it at first but after I saw that Dr Adam is a man that does it for God’s sake.

I picked interest and decided to consult with him regarding our daughter’s marriage, she was living in joburg for the past 10 years without anyone marrying her. That’s when we had to seek help from the Dr Adam

Dr Adam only prayed, read our scriptures from his holy book, and our daughter got married to the one she loved most without charging us money, he never wasted our time, it all happened in just a few days.

I highly recommend you to see this South African born, spiritual holy man at his beautiful home in Umhlanga Rocks.