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We used to a miserable marriage, my lovely husband totally changed into something else! We could rarely talk at home, something simple could cause a fight, after listening and reading various testimonials from people about Uncle Muye Kolo’s work in the newspaper. I called him and arranged to visit him at his home. On my arrival, I was shocked when Uncle Muye Kolo accurately told me about my past and present problems and revealed that my husband was in a relationship with another woman and that this other woman had put a spell on him to ignore me and our children. Uncle Muye Kolo performed a special prayer for me, cleansed me from bad omen and also gave me love spells and a special bit of oilthat was to assist fix our marriage problems. Two days after the prayer my husband came back home and confessed, He asked for forgiveness and he promised to change so that he’s there for me and my children. I am more in love with my husband and our marriage challenges have stopped. Is your loved one cheating on you, or you want him/her back.